what's wrong with network driver?

I have installed 6.3 to my system and the 6 netport can be found(en0-en5),I checked the driver is connected with speedo,but when I build my image “io-net -dspeedo -ptcpip” ,only 5 not 6 port can be found(en0-en4) and can’t ping to other computer,why?

indeed,the card have two netchip,one is intel 82552,it supports en0,one is intel 82551,it supports other 5 port,now the driver with 82551 is OK,because i found the en0 is the port2 physically.

how to check the system start io-net?I use pidin -p io-net arg,the result is “io-net -ptcpip”,but I don’t think it can work.

Try io-net -dspeedo -dspeedo -ptcpip

it because enumerator starting io-net and only then mount network libs:
mount(-Tio-net “-opci=$(index),vid=0x$(ven),did=0x$(dev)” /lib/dll/devn-speedo.so, “/dev/io-net/en$(netnum)”)
it is from /etc/system/enum/devices/net

I have tried io-net -dspeedo -dspeedo -ptcpip,it doen’t work.

Try something like this (i don’t have help fo 6.3.x)
mount -Tio-net -opci=index,vid=ven,did=dev /lib/dll/devn-speedo.so, /dev/io-net/en5
where index, vid, did for card intel 82552

Try something like this (i donmount -Tio-net -opci=0,vid=0x8086,did=0x1065 /lib/dll/devn-speedo.so,/dev/io-net/en5,the result is “no such device or address”

the information for pci command is below:
vendor id=8086h,intel corporation
device id=1065h,82562ET/EZ/GT/GZ PRO/100 VE ethernet CONTROLLER
pci index=0
pci mem address=fdadb000h,enabled
pci id address=db00h,enabled
pci int pin=INT A
interrupt line=15
cpu interrupt=fh

anybody know?