problem with keyboard in Photon

Good Day :slight_smile: I have problem in qnx 4.25. It starts some days ago. When Photon loading started, keyboard is blocked and I can’t write any command in Shell. Before starting Photon keyboard works. And when I’m trying load qnx with boot diskette, keyboard blocked too and I see message on monitor : “input corrupted”.
How I can solve this problem?

Thank you.

Sorry of my pour english.

The keyboard problem seems a little mysterious. I suppose it could be a hardware problem. If you have a boot floppy you might want to try that to see if the keyboard is working in text mode.

Why hardware problem? I think it’s not hardware, cause I try connect another keyboard and has the same problem. I use this boot diskette on another computer (without problem with keyboard, it works) and it’s allright - keyboard works in text mode. Maybe decision in Input.N file? Cause we haven’t it in problem qnx machine in /etc/config/trap. But with this file Input.N or without it in normal qnx machine keyboard works good like in text mode and like in Photon.

I solve this problem! Simple change keyboard to another ps/2.