Hi all

I am experiencing a problem of slow system clock
If i run the QNX Date utility in my system it shows


Tue Sep 22 13:12:30 UTC 2009
“After 1.5 hrs in the external calibrated stop watch”


Tue Sep 22 14:17:52 UTC 2009

It is about 24 mins slower than the stop watch
Do anyone have experienced this problem
Is there anyone who can help me on this

Thanks in advance for the support

Unless there is a hardware problem with your machine, it typicaly mean interrupts are disabled for long period of time or some process is running at higher priority then Proc (very unlikely with default setup)

Thanks Mario, is there any way that we can confirm that hardware timer interrupts are delayed?
Is there any utility to confirm?

Thanks In Advance

If the slowness is significant, say 1% or more off, you could write a program that hooks the tic interrupt and counts them. Then report every computer minute and sync it against an accurate clock. You should be able to see a problem within a few minutes.

I forgot to mention, that SMI can be responsable too. We’ve seen some computer being slow down by a crappy USB mouse that was sending garbage. It was handle through SMI because BIOS was set in emulation mode.

Thanks Mario and maschoen, you guys are correct the problem was due to the HW, there were false interrupts that was triggered by the unused com ports hence delaying the timer interrupt

Thanks again for your time and help