Problem with tcp/ip

Good day.
I have a problem with tcp/ip.
After start tcp/ip, all tools after a while ceases to work. Ping goes only a local network card. The socket is started. Netstat -r shows the correct table of routeing. Entering tcp/ip packages go, outbox are not present. FLEET works. Socket restart helps only.
Version tcp/ip - 4.25

That’s an old version of tcpip get 5.0 which is much more reliable.

With protocol 5.0 the problem has not disappeared.

Well something is wrong. My guess is that you have an application that is not releasing some resource that eventually runs out. The problem may only indirectly be TCP/IP.

How to define the problem application and a resource?

Well, over here at this end of the conversation, I’m not in a good position to answer this. All I know is that you are running TCP/IP 5.0 on QNX 4.