Serial Debugging


Am trying for serial debugging on a Windows host(IDE) to a self host x86 machine. for this on windows am setting COM1
and self host am setting /dev/ser1 using pdebug. but still am getting error and could not proceed further.

Am getting the following error.
“Failed Launching Serial Debugger
Error initializing: Target is not responding (timed out)”

please help me out in resolving this.



I assume your setup is:

Windows machine <— serial cable —> Self host QNX machine

If this is the case, are you using the right type of serial cable? I think you need a cross over cable and not a straight serial cable. That would be one reason to explain why you can’t exchange data serially.


You will ,as well as needing the correct cable, (is it RS-232, RS-485 2-wire/4-wire) need to set the start bits, stop bits, data bits and parity.

On a QNX box the following commands should help:

stty </dev/ser1 (or whatever port you are using on you qnx box).

I would test using using an echo from the qnx4 machine a hyperterminal from the windows machine before trying anything like pdebug.

P.S. You are correct Tim but only is the serial connection is RS-232.

Agreed. But since I don’t ever recall seeing a Windows PC with RS-485 I made the 99.99% assumption that he had a RS-232 serial connection.