Priority message ques in qnx


Could anyone please tell me whether i have priority message queues in qnx…

if yes how can i use it?


There are no QNX native priority message queues (ie the ability to store several messages in a queue).

There are priority messages in QNX. But processes/threads must deal with them in a manner of their choosing (which could be to store in an internal queue if you so desire and are running multi threaded).

There is also the Posix based message system mqueue which does have message queues. I can’t remember if mqueue allows priorities or not.


I think there is a priority for the posix mqueue system.

I’m not 100% familiar but looking at the documentation for the mq_send function there is a priority parameter"msg_prio".

Look here for more info: … _send.html


thanks a lot…yes i have checked mq_send and there is a parameter as msg_prio…
so my problem is solved using that…