Automount USB mass storage

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Sorry if this is obvious and has been covered else-were but I would like to automount all USB mass storage drives to /fs/usb.

Is there and option to do this in the devb-umass driver?

Here is what I am currently using:

devb-umass cam pnp blk automount=/dev/hd1t6:/fs/usb:dos

Unfortunately this only auto mounts devices on partition 6.

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What version of QNX 6 are you using?

In 6.3 SP3 (what we use) the default QNX installation auto mounts any USB thumbdrive I insert. In fact devb-umass isn’t even running until a USB drive gets inserted (io-usb auto starts devb-umass when needed).

Of course this means the mount point is chosen by QNX but it follows a predictable naming convention.


QNX 6.3.2

Yes I seen that it auto mounts by default but I must specify a name for the mount. I know the naming pattern is predictably but I need it to be static e.g. it must automount all to /fs/usb


That’s not partition 6, that’s filesystem type 6 which is the FAT32 DOS filesystem.

I don’t understand what you mean by ‘it must automount all to /fs/usb’.

If you say plug in 2 USB thumbdrives they can’t both be mounted as ‘fs/usb’ because you will then have duplicate names for the 2 filesystems (it would be the same as trying to have 2 C drives under Windows) and that’s illegal.

Or are you saying you want ‘any’ usb thumbdrive (QNX or DOS) to be mounted as /fs/usb AND you guarantee you are only ever having 1 drive inserted at a time?

In the second case if you look at the doc’s for you’ll see there is a + option available on the automount command for adding more drives/filesystems so you could do:

devb-umass cam pnp blk automount=+/dev/hd1t6:/fs/usb:dos,automount=+/dev/hd1t79:/fs/usb:qnx4

to automount either DOS or QNX filesystems to fs/usb.

Note: This still won’t solve multiple thumbdrives being inserted at the same time. Nor will it help you if a thumbdrive has multiple partitions on it because you’ll only mount the 1st one.

Note: Look at ‘Filesystems’ in the doc’s and you’ll see all the filesystem types. Likely you only want DOS (6 & 11) and QNX (77-79) so you can essentially get away with 5 automounts.


That may well help me out a bit Tim.

What I meant was any type, what I am seeing is that sometimes when I insert a USB stick it will appear as /dev/hd1t6 sometimes /dev/hd2t6 … etc I guess it depends on what USB port on the PC it is plugged into (they may be on different chips e.g. mobo and expansion port).

Yes I can guarantee that only one USB pen will be plugged in at any time.

Thanks allot for your help.

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