Available Address Space - Internal Data Bus for MPC8360E-RDK


Our hardware engineering plans to create a DAC board to communicate with MPC8386E-RDK board through internal data bus. We need roughly 1K-byte address space. I am checking the MPC8360E reference manual. What will be the better address space for using the internal data bus on MPC8360E-RDK board? Please advise!


First, I assume you mean a 1K memory address space, not a 1K I/O space, right?

I think that there are two areas that are usually used. One is historical, the memory near the top of the first meg. At the very top of this is usually where the Real Mode BIOS goes, but below it are some places that can be snatched, eg. A0000, B0000, C0000, D0000. Of course some of these may already have other memory mapped hardware such as Video memory.

The other area (I’m guessing here) will be near the top of the address space. Ah for the good old days when I knew this stuff like the back of my palm.

Mitchell, the MPC836 is PowerPc. x86/PC stuff doesn’t apply.

Well, then never mind, :slight_smile:.