Installing sshd on QNX 6.4.1?

So I installed QNX NTO 6.4.1. Back in 6.3.x days there was a QNX application installer which got removed in 6.4.0.

I would like to connect to my QNX machine using ssh. However I am not sure how can I install opensshd or any other ssh server.

Any lights?

It`s included in 6.4.1

…but at an strange position, as far as I remember it is not located in /bin/ /sbin/ or /usr/bin where one normally would expect it.

I am not even sure how to start the ssh server.

Giving command “sshd” does not work.

It’s typically started automatically by inetd, just like telnet and ftp. Make sure the definition is in the file /etc/inetd.conf

On 6.4.1. it is not started by default, you have to do it manually (or put it into a start script manually).

When I type the command:


I get the message:

sshd re-exec requires authentication with an absolute path.

Also can anybody post a sample line from their inetd.conf for starting the sshd daemon?