CompactPCI CPU Board 3U 8HP Graphics Drivers

Hi there … again :stuck_out_tongue:
We right now have to switch from our old CPCI CPU Board to a new one. We now already have another board at our company, but we miss some drivers. So this post will be split in 2 parts. First part will be about the current card and second will be alternatives…

  1. On the new CPCI CPU Board are different chips (what a luck time to move away from the 850MHz). But not every chip is supportet. For example:

QNX 6:

  • Graphics GMA X3100 in GME965 GMCH
    Generally the 965GM is supportet, but noch the GME… we cannot get it running. There is support for the X3100 within a Patch for a Dell Laptop using the i830 driver, but this won´t run with our system. Not with 6.4.1 nor with 6.3.2. Any ideas?

  • NIC Intel 82573L Gigabit
    Should generally be supported with the i82544 driver… guess what, somehow its not working

QNX 4:

  • Graphics as above
    We at least get 640x480 standard resolution, which is more than with QNX 6 ^^.

  • NIC I…
    Mh, no comment… the support is for 82573E but version L is needed. It won´t run with the other driver.

  1. Do you know some fully supported 3U CPCI CPU Boards, which already would have a IC2D processor? Please also post boards with older processors, since we will need to support QNX4 for at least 2 years (which probably is easier to run on older cards)


Update: We have QNX4 running on the new card. The new Pg.i830 driver for graphics (a bit editing in trapfile needed), and the Net.e1000 for the network support. All other things should be working fine. The trouble is with QNX6 now, it just won´t support the graphics driver. But since it works in QNX4 i am pretty sure to get it to run with the i830 driver somehow. I already edited the enum and trapfile, but somehow its not working. Any ideas?

So, i had a weekend full of disappointments…

Why can 6.4.1 not run even in vga or vesa mode at Intel 965GME…
Even QNX4 can run @ 1280x1024 with the Pg.i830 driver

With QNX6.4.1 editing the /etc/system/enum/devices/graphics file putting
device(pci, ven=8086, dev=2a12) directly after 2a02
A thing like this did make the trick with QNX4, but in QNX6 i cannot even start in vga mode …

The error shown in console is:
Unable to start graphics driver

This is somehow disappointing from Neutrino. We ported our App and now we cannot find a supported CPCI Board.

Do you have any ideas or maybe a CPCI graphics card that is known to work?

Thanks a lot

Hardware compatibility is always a problem and will always be.

Given enough budget you can always sent you hardware to QSS and they will make it work.

Have you checked kontron`s board?

We already ordered one Board from Kontron, but Kontrons price is twice as the one we had… I at least hope it will be supported with this amount of money ^^. The speccs look almost the same, but there are different Intel 965GM Implementations. We will see :stuck_out_tongue:

I´ll quote my entry of foundry 27

Good news for everyone planing with this card:

Quote of foundry27

Does that mean there will be a Photon driver or does that mean that there will be a Photon driver and openGL support?

As far as i understood with the i830 it would be Photon driver. Not sure about OpenGL, but as the i830 does not really provide 3d graphics support on the most chips i guess it will not. We may also take a look at another board using the 945GME supporting 3d graphics acceleration.