Webserver: PHP & MySQL & Apache

Hi all.

I’m a QNX user since 1 year ago, more or less, and i’m interesting in mount a webserver with Apache (or other best) with PHP and MySQL. In this moment i have got the modules of MySQL and Apache (a old version), and i would like find a module of PHP for QNX.

does Somebody know where there are? And a module of Apache more new, of course, jejeje.

bye ;)

igor ported apache/php stuff for the qnxzone.com site. maybe he can give you some hints, or better yet, post the source.

Thanks guy, but what program can descompress a file with extension BZ2???

bzip2 and bunzip2 can be used to compress/uncompress bz2 files.

You can decompress a *.bz2 file like so:

bzip2 -d <myfile.bz2>


Thanks guys.

I compiled the latest apache 1.3.27, php 4.2.3 and mysql 3.23.53 lately.
It is currently running production for qnxzone.com
You can find the binaries at qnxzone.com/~fliu

im currently planning on setting up a webserver using Qnx. I want to use apache and php as on OpenQnx.com. Maybe mySQL also. What is the hardware requirements for this setup? I currently plan on running a 266MHz processor industry-PC with 128MB ram. Will this do?

The pc is connected to a real-time lab (main purpose of the machine) and running some prosesses on that but i’m early in the development phase, and dont know the requirements for the lab yet (probably not wery high).

I would also like video-surveilance of the project running on the same machine, but i do not know if that is realistic. I have USB or a PC104 bus available to connect a camera or grabber-card. Do anyone have any suggestions for a sollution? I would like the stream to have as little delay as possible compared to realtime events(no buffering) and played in an browser-window(applet?).

I will be happy for answers.

I’m having trouble with this apache installation.
I can only get apache to run if I comment out the
lines in the httpd.conf that load the php module.
If I leave the php module in then apache will not load
giving the error:
“Syntax error on line 207 of /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf:
Cannot load /usr/local/apache/libexec/mod_vhost_alias.so into server: Not enough memory”

Trouble is, I’d really like to get php running! Any ideas?

Yes, this is some wack problem noone really botherd solving :slight_smile:

a hackish (but working solution) is to start httpd (apachectl start) without the php load in the config
then edit the config to include php, and _re_start httpd (apachectl restart)

doing this from a shellscript and it works just fine!

Sure enough, that did it. Thanks bunches! :smiley: