Porting an application from Windows Xp to QNX


I need to port an application from windows XP to QNX.
The application in windows uses many of windows services and MFC classes.
Is there a guildline which states how to port windows application to QNX?
Is there a subsitite to windows services in QNX?


MFC classes, ouch that will be messy. There is no MFC equivalent that I know of. Licensing prevents anyone from using MFC classes on anything but windows.

There is no guideline for porting Windows code to Qnx. The only way is to learn both work from there. There are things under Windows that have no QNX equivalent and vice versa.

You are probably looking at a rewrite of the code…

You are lucky if your code follows some standard such ANSI and pleasant portable design…

Windows programs almost never do.

hahaha, windows and ANSI. Any windows GUI app i reviewed did not even knew about ANSI :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a “guideline”, but its for old QNX4 to QNX6. Nevertheless it provides some good information. But as mario already mentioned you really have to get started with QNX first. Then think about how to implement/port your app there. There is no MFC wrapper if this is what youre looking for

Hey! Do not laugh at windows… can give you a job someday, who knows…? :smiley:

MFC applications can be ported to wxWidgets relatively easy because the design of wxWidgets is somehow similar (or t obe more exact: originally wxWidgets was developed to give the possibility to port MFC applications easily).

The bad news are: wxWidgets is available for Linux, Windows, WindowsCE, MacOS X and others but not for QNX.

in pkgsrc i saw wxWidgets …
i had ported Delphi App to QNX : tatoal rewriting code and some substitutes was made. Delphi App used many VCL classes, especially in custom model drawing.
But i ported it and it works in Photon very well ;)