QNX v2 How to backup entire hard disk to another hard disk?


I have a CNC machine which runs a very old 486 PC running QNX v2 as the controller.

I’m looking for information on how to use QNX v2 to do a full backup of the hard disk e.g ghost image or to copy the entire disk to another disk.

Does anyone have any experience of how to do this and what the commands are. I’m really at a loss as have no experince with the platform.

The machine in question is over 20 years old and the company that manufactured it is no longer in buisness so support is not exsistent.

[color=red]Any help would be most appreciate and if you real experience in this there may be a finanical reward from the company in helping.


There are a few people around who still know how to do this. I am one. Send me an email at maschoen@pobox.com. There is potentially more involved than just knowing some commands. You have to find an acceptable replacement hard drive. This may not be as easy as it sounds.