Installation question

Hi, I am a prospective QNX user. I will ask a silly question but please help me.

I want to download QNX x86 to install on one of my desktops. However I have some questions on the procedure. I understood that I can download a QNX host iso for 6.4.1 and register for an activation Id. It is free.

I also understood that after a month it will expire. Does it mean that I have to reactivate the OS or erase and install it again?

Can you give me some clear answers?

I want to have a look, and experiment with it.

Some of the feature will be deactivated, to reactive them you need to purchase a license. If you reinstall it the serial number that you will be given when downloading will not work I believe.

In other words QNX is a trial but not free?

Yes, if it is for educational purposes I think you can contact QNX to get some sort of free license.

There are three ways to get a license:

  1. purchase a license. Mandatory if you develop something that will be sold.
  2. apply for the QNX Educational Program. You can get a free license if you are using QNX for research projects, e.g. at a university.
  3. apply for a QNX Hobbyist license. If you are playing with QNX at home, just for fun, no commercial usage, you may get a free license this way.