QNX Webcam Application

Hi guys!
I need some help for you.

I’m preparing my final thesis and it’s about programming in qnx environment.
I have to write an application able to retrieve data from a webcam at 15 fps and check whether or not the system respects the real-time constraints.

I’m a totally newbie on qnx.
Is there a specific webcam i have to use, how should this application be written? are there any examples like these that you know about?
please help me!

thank you in advance!

What computer software and or webcam can I purchase to record for long periods? I currently have a webcam however it does not record for extended periods of time. What I need to do is to record for 8 hours or more. I am looking for either a program that I can use with my current webcam OR a new webcam that comes with software that will allow me to record for long periods of time?