how to embed usage message in a binary?

I want to embed both usage message and build properties message in my binary. How do I do that?

It would be good if some one can paste some sample source code snippets.

I do not want to use the sample.use file. Instead i want it to be baked inside my source code.

Ex:- I want to print the below for my test application binary.

use myTestApp

myTestApp - sample test application
-c: configuration file path
-v: verbosity level
-l: log to stdout

use -i myTestApp

DESCRIPTION=sample test app

I did not succeed to do the same thing through source code, so I added a “version” target in makefile like this :

version : $(TARGET_NAME)
@echo add version
usemsg -i VERSION=V0.12.4.0 -i DISTRIBUTOR=yourstring $(TARGET_NAME)