QNX4 installation

Hi All,
I need to install the QNX 4.x on a x86 based embedded system. So i downloaded the qnx4june2008.zip from QNX.com and extract the contents of the archive and burn a CD for qnx4june2008.iso image.
Then inserted that cd on a USB CD drive and restarted the system. The installatation process started and during installation of QNX auto detection of hardware is failed and its showing following message “This install requires a CD Rom Drive to be defined before you can continue”
It is unable to detect the USB CD rom drive in auto detection. Althogh installation process started from USB CD rom itself. Anybody has encourtered similar problem in past.

This does make sense. You are booting off of a CD rom which is a feature of the BIOS. Once the QNX .boot file is loaded it starts running and it finds no CD rom because it was not designed to. There is some USB support for QNX 4. I don’t know if CD-ROMS are supported or not, but in any event it is not built into the installation process.