gcc / qcc: Warning options

Hi all,

we are using qcc under QNX 6.3.2.

As I have read from the help and man-file, the compiler doesn’t support the -Wno-format-y2k option?

And another one: Is there any possibility to tell the compiler to treat some warnings as errors? I don’t want to use -Werror.

I just want to have a bad initialization (i.e. struct foo {char s[2]; int x}; struct foo bar = {“hello”, 42}:wink:
marked as an error.


Mr Green,

These questions would be better asked on a gcc forum. Esp why for example -Werror doesn’t suffice for treating warnings as errors (I use that option).

You’ll also need to mention whether you using the 2.95 or 3.31 version of the compiler.