Looking to hire a QNX expert to write a audio device driver

Can you write a QNX 6.4 HD Audio driver?

  • Datasheet/specification will be provided
  • Other necessary source code will be provided.
  • You can probably port from the existing Linux driver source code

If you are interested and you think you can, please message me privately and we can talk further. Please have some idea regarding time estimates.

Actually, I’ve discovered that QNX v6.4 does auto mount the Amiga OS XL CD whenever it is placed in the drive.Using the QNX file manager, you can see the contents of the disk if you navigate to the fs folder and then to the cd0 folder.However, I have so far been unable to locate the QNX v6.4 package installer utility.I think all I have to do to get Amiga OS XL installed is to locate the package installer and point it at the AmigaOS XL package stored my CD.If you find out where they’ve hidden it, let me know


The Package installer is not available in QNX 6.4 as it’s no longer the official way to install software in QNX 6.4.