sample TCPIP server


I need to build simple TCPIP server, that would enable to pass messages from Win32 application to existing qnx controller.
I am thinking of creating simple process, that would translate info coming via TCPIP to qnx IPC messages. We already have some messaging between two processess of controller
any URLs to some simple tcpip app ?


There are some in the qnx documentation.

You might want to check out SIMPL. It allows QNX style message passing over TCP/IP between different OS’s. There are versions for both QNX and Windows.

cool, thx
Which one would be Windows version ? is it that Tcl one ?
I guess I only need to do win32 client with simpl, as message receiving is already working on QNX, right ?
is there some documentation about simpl somewhere ? I could not really find one
and Sourceforge seems to be kind of slow
have anice weekend

You also need to use SIMPL on QNX. SIMPL is a library that implement QNX like message passing, but it’s in no way meant to inter-operate with QNX native networking.

sorry, my bad, I did not scroll down the page
but there is link missing to tutorials
anyway, if you could point me towards win direction, It would be very appreciated

There’s a published book out now. Check on Amazon.