Runtime Kit 6.4.1


I tried to make a runtime kit but it didn’t work.
I followed the steps that are described in … rtkit.html .
I used the file list 641-os.txt, and the installation script was the same of the example.
I burned the file .iso with the Roxio Easy CD Creator. Although the cd didn’t boot in a QNX Host, it boots in a Windows Host, but shows an error when tries to find /fs/cd0/rtinstall , what was expected.
I have to use another file list? There’s any known issue?


Is there any other and easy way to install a compact QNX OS ??


Can be missing a file?
Is there any configuration change or command that has to be made?

I doubt it booted into Windows. If your computer did, it booted from Hard Disk because the CD didn’t boot.

You can build your own boot image using either System Builder (good luck) or a build file.

How can I transfer my boot image to my x86 board?
The QNX 6.4.1 is already installed on it. there’s no ROM monitor

if I use

cp myImage.ifs /.altboot
cp myImage.ifs /.boot

will work?

Yes, this should work.

if my image have a file that already exists in my OS, it wouldn’t subscribe ?
and if I want to install it in a flash that hasn’t an OS installed on it, I would write some scripts, wouldn’t?