Messaging a complete structure

Hi, i need to write a couple of programs in the role of sender and receiver, i have been reading around, and even found ZeroMQ a light and fast messaging package.

Then by keep my reading i have noticed that QNX have it’s own messaging system, so, since i have no interest (at least now) from porting this to another OS, could anyone put me in some direction? Literature, documentation, and the most useful thing for me: Code Examples.

The idea is taking a structure with a series of strings and numbers from the shared memory of one server, send the data throuhg the network, so the client-receiver take it and put it in it’s own shared memory so, a program it’s already done, take the data. I’ve been looking to the broadcasting messaging with sockets over TCP/IP but it seems that i have to serialize or something like that my data, not simply send a complete structure. The other thing i have tried it’s to map the shared memory of the server from the client using QNET, but as i read, i found that isn’t implemented (the addresses of the shared memory of one machine are completely irrelevant to another one).

Any help would be really really appreciated.



With TCP/IP you can send a structure without any problem. There are gazillion of sample of this on the internet.