Establish the VPN connection on QNX


I am facing the problem of

  1. How connection to VPN server (running Windows Server 2003) is established from QNX machine?.
  2. How to implement the VPN Client on QNX?
  3. How the enumeration of open VPN connections is done in QNX?
  4. How to check whether a VPN connection is open or not in QNX?
  5. How the VPN is configured on QNX?

Please help me to solve this problem.


As far as I know there is no support for VPN under QNX.

My basic aim is to establish the VPN connection under QNX.
Please provide me any alternative to do the same.

What didn’t you understand about the previous post?

You could, of course, write a VPN client to run on QNX yourself. I’m sure we would all be grateful…

An alternate to do the same? Do you mean a Virtual Private Network between Two QNX nodes but not using VPN?
Since you are not using VPN do you need to use TCP/IP? If not, then its rather simple. You could create resource managers that communicate with each other over QNX channels. If you want to add encryption and/or security, you can roll your own.

I have my QNX 6.4.0 machine at home. I want put this QNX machine in the same network/LAN of my Office. The server in Office has Windows Server 2003. Please suggest what should I do in order to achieve this. Do I need a VPN client on QNX?
Note: As a first step, I felt that my QNX machine need some internet connection. I have a wireless internet connection available to the QNX machine.

More information is required to make a suggestion. It`s also the kind of thing one would need to talk face to face to go over all the possibilities, evaluating the pros and cons of each scenario. Not something I feel like doing over a forum, maybe others with more time will be willing to help you.

Hi Mario,
Kindly suggest some pointers/approach so that I can proceed further. Do I need to use any utilities to achieve this? Any information is highly appreciated.

You could setup a VPN network. That would require a VPN client for QNX, which I don’t think exists. I think Mario’s point was, what do you want to do? If for example, you want to have the QNX machine monitor some hardware like a security system and you want to view the data at the office, you can set something up with QNX that will allow this pretty easily. Likewise if you wanted to up and download files that are encrypted along the way, this too can be setup relatively easily. If your needs are very general, then I would get started on VPN.