Is there any way to have dual head working with QNX ??

I have a dual pentium III system with 2 same pci graphics cards Asiliant (chips & technologies) 69030 running QNX momentics PE.
Anyone knows how to have Photon extended over two screens as you do with Xinerama with Linux?
Thanks in advance!

Asiliant C&T 69030 is supported by but not sure if it supports dual monitors. This knowledge base article … ?code=9490
will give you some information though it is for QNX 4. The first paragraph in the answer says QNX RTP (QNX 6) doesn’t support multiple video cards. As far as I know, this comment is outdated. Dual display is already supported using 2 cards for QNX6.1 or greater, on a lot of chipsets. Unfortunately, I don’t remember saying your chipset in the list :frowning:

Thanks for the quick reply! Yes I forgot , my chipset is a Serverworks serverset III LE, so the cards are connected to the CNB30LE north bridge. I am going to try anyway what’s described in the article and see what happens. I’ll post the result.

I’m also interested in this. I’m a real QNX newbie (you wouldn’t believe how new), but if I’m reading the “Multiple graphics drivers” secontion correctly, the io-graphics driver can display a rectangle of event-space. Multiple instances of drivers can represent (not-necessarily) adjacent areas in virtual graphic space.

Furthermore, it sounds like these drivers can be accessed over a network (“Since Photon inherits QNX’s network transparency, Photon applications or drivers can run on any network node, allowing additional graphics drivers to extend the graphical space of Photon to the physical displays of many networked computers.”). Poking around the io-graphics help files, it seems like this can be done over TCP/IP.

If I understand all this correctly, it means you could have a PC running QNX with 2 video cards, and another PC next to it running QNX. If configured correctly, you could drag a window all the way across all three windows. I guess in a way, it’s like X11 with Xinerama, except that displays could be remote. Maybe I’m wrong, but I hope not because that would be cool!

Maybe it’s too much to hope for, but it would be cool if there was a client (er, server?) available for other platforms (OSX, Windows, *nix) that could speak whatever Photon-over-TCP protocol, similar to an X11 server.

Yes, you can drag windows across the network, in fact a setup like this was used to introduce Photon at QNX '93 (11 years ago).

There is such a client (one for windows and one for X - no OSX).

That sounds really cool, I have no idea how to set it up but I’d like to find out, any ideas on where to start are welcome.
By the way it seems dual display is not supported with my serverworks chipset, at least I could not make it work.

That was demo’ed, but not really fully documented. I personally have never seen anybody outside QSS done that. rgallen used to work for QSS, and maybe he can fill the gap here.

Same thing for the dual head support, I couldn’t find any document on regarding how to configure that for QNX 6. Guess it will just work if you have a supported hardware, no special configuration is required.

I saw this article about QNX First RTOS Vendor to Offer Native Support for 3D Graphics just before visiting here and seeing your posts.

For those of you prepared to upgrade to Qnx 6.3 ( as I am now considering after this news ) this seems to be a useful developement that I hope will spill over into Linux,BeOS and Windows.

aha, that press release confirmed my suspect that the past multi-head support was “unofficial”. That explained why not much document can be found. Hopefully the upcoming QNX 6.3 (planned for Q2 of this year) will change that.