QNX on a single floppy

I heard about QNX kernel, GUI and webbrowser on a single 1.44 Mb bootable floppydisk. Can I still get that ?

or windoze.doesntexist.com/qnx/ (at the bottom.)

I’m new to QNX, but i was wondering about that 1.44mb bootable floppydisk. Is it possible for me to remake that so i can fit some other features on it?

sure, QNX sells an Internet Appliance Toolkit (IAT) for this: qnx.com/products/iat.html

schoenbrun.com/mba/faq.htm#L21 seems to say it is $500 for the IAT CD, including the printed docs.

thnx for the info noc.
$500 is pretty much, considering i’m just a student who’s experimenting with qnx ^^

$500 is only for the paper copy of the docs. The price for the whole kit is missing.

That confused me too, but $500 for docs? come one, I can buy 10 copies of Robert’s book with that :slight_smile: On the other hand, If you look up the price for those components in IAT and add them up, it would be to $10K. Maybe Mitchell can give a clarification.

You don’t need the IAT to build a complete bootable floopy in either QNX4 (which is what the IAT and bootable floopy was) or QNX6.

With QNX4, it was doable to make a special purpose floopy with Photon and your particular drivers. They (QSS) had to work real hard to get enough drivers on the floppy to make it general purpose - as in they used a special purpose compression to compress the whole floppy and decompress it to a ramdisk on boot. And they broke the Photon libs up so they had a small enough shared lib to provide basic fnctions without bring in more than they needed.

With QNX6, it is not possible to make the general purpose approach - Photon 2 libs are too big - but you can certainly make a bootable floopy system. I’d have to go look, but I believe we made a bootable install system for a customer which originally was floppy based (we eventually moved to a bootable CD). The problem, of course, with QNX6 is I don’t think you have the right pieces to do with with the NC release.

Rick is right, but not to confuse the newbies into thinking that you can get away with paying, what he meant is if you already have purchased and owned those components as listed in IAT CD, there is no need to spend money and buy IAT again.


where can i get a qnx6 nfs / network enabled boot floppy ?

no one bothered to make one since it is very easy to make it yourself :slight_smile:
The following two articles by mritun detailed the steps for you:

qnx.com/developer/articles/i … e=oct1901b
qnx.com/developer/articles/i … e=oct1901c

thanks, but i don’t have mkifs installed, where can i find it ?

Sorry I thought you were using the commercial version.

If you are using the free version, you have to downgrade to version 6.1 in order to have mkifs. Check the Download section.