CVS client/server issues

Hi all,

I didn’t know where to post this, so I did it in the QNX6 group as well, sorry for the cross-posting…

In a QNX 6.3.2 I set up a CVS 1.11.9, the one that comes with the OS. It has no password auth, and works fine in client/server from other QNX6 hosts. Integration with Eclipse is good too, btw.

In a QNX 4.25 I install a CVS 1.7 client, the only version I found that compiles without many tweaks.

So I can’t connect to the QNX6 server from the QNX4 client. I get this:

qnx4$ cvs -d :ext:user@qnx6:/usr/cvs checkout .
Host name lookup failure
cvs [checkout aborted]: premature end of file from server

The Cederqvist says that is an rsh error, but I get the same result with other access methods. rsh/rlogin work well on their own and can find the cvs executable. Trying to debug setting up CVS_CLIENT_LOG I find the clog.out file empty. CVS protocols versions 1.7 and 1.11 are supposed to be compatible.

Any ideas?

Thank you for your time… and Happy Hew Year 2010!

Can you ping qnx6 from qnx4

Yes, I can rsh there as well, using the same hostname

It’s a CVS 1.7 issue in QNX4, as that client can’t connect to any other remote server. Not even to the same version.
Running cvs with -t I get the following:

$cvs -t -d :ext:user@server-ip:/cvs checkout .
→ Starting server: rsh cvs server
Host name lookup failure
cvs [checkout aborted]: premature end of file from server

If I type the words in bold in the shell I get the same message: Host name lookup failure. So it’s clear that cvs is running rsh without the correct hostname. Looks like a cvs bug, but doesn’t show in the BUGS file (from 15 years ago ) :unamused:

Anyone knows a workaround?

Ok, gave up :blush:

The cvs client in this thread works fine: … ic&p=42681