License for TDK

Hi all,

I have downloaded Momentics Evaluation Suite and started with QNX. Now in order to set adaptive paritions I need to have the TDK. But when I go to download site, it asks for product serial key and password( of either TDK or Momentics) Now I have the 6-8 digit serial key on registration(a mail sent to my inbox). But there is no mention of a 4(or 5?) digit password.

Can anybody help??

Up have to pay for that, that’s why you need extra digits.


Is there no way to set adaptive partitions and get the APS scheduler working even in the Evaluation version?

I shot a mail to the support and was told that Adaptive partitions are supported under QNX IDE 6.4.1 Eval version and surprisingly that is what I have…

But the ‘aps show’ or any of the aps commands or an ‘on -X…’ commands always complain that APS scheduler is not there :frowning:


I recall that you have to install it in the boot file. Maybe that is not the default. In that case, you will have to look at the docs and figure out how to 1) create your own boot file, 2) put Adaptive partitions in the boot file.