equivalent of GetNumberFormat in QNX

I am porting a windows application to QNX. It uses a function GetNumberFormat() from windows. Is there any equivalent of this function in QNX?


Not that I know of.

Do you know what the function does? From the sound of it, it seems close to trivial.

Suppose I have a number 10000. If the current locale settings are as per English standards, it would be written as 10,000. But if the locale settings are for Denmark, it would be written as 10.000.
The GetNumberFormat() function in Windows does this change as per the current locale setting.
I am looking for a function in QNX which will do this conversion. We can implement it using the function localeconv(), but the problem is that we may have to write a whole lot of code for all the locale settings.
So, is there any function available in QNX which can do this conversion and give the number in the desired format as the output.

Don`t think so

You could use JNI to call Java code to do it.

-James Ingraham
Sage Automation, Inc.

Is that a joke?

I think you’ll need to go the localeconv route. I don’t think there should be much code to write, as localeconv does most of the work for you (gives you all the local number formatting symbols, your func just needs to stick them at the appropriate place, if they aren’t NULL).