difference between aps and ap command in QNX

Hi all,

Is there any difference between aps and ap commands?

My QNX Neutrino641 target throws an ‘APS Scheduler not running’ error when I use aps show. But with ap command although I create partitions none of them are displayed with ap show…

Please guide me

i too had the same isuue. Have u edited the build file as mentioned in the qnx adaptive partioning user guide ?

[module=aps] PATH=/proc/boot:/bin:/usr/bin:/opt/bin
Is new boot image resolved the issue? Please reply.


I was told that Adap part works from Neutrino 641 onwards. The aps command replaces ap command.

I had earlier had the older version and now with the 641 with procnto-instr in my build file, I have aps working :slight_smile:

Thank you for the information. :slight_smile:
I too have aps working :slight_smile: