QNX Position in Pittsburgh

A recruiter keeps pestering me about this position asking if I know anyone who is interested. So I’m posting here in case anyone is:

My client in Pittsburgh, Westinghouse Electric, has a need for two display programmers for a minimum one year assignment. The skills required are as follows:

The display programming is done on their QNX operating system (currently v 4.25) and they use a graphic tool that QNX provides called Photon Application Builder
(currently using v 1.14b). However, familiarity with another graphic tool, Neutrino, which QNX makes is also good. Programming skills in “C” and database interface is also helpful.

I would appreciate any help you could provide to identify qualified candidates who might be looking.

Contact: David Haberfield - david.haberfield@systemoneservices.com


Hmmm, maybe it would help if they actually knew what they were looking for :slight_smile:

Would it scare you even more if I mentioned that this is for controlling a Nuclear Power Plant :slight_smile:

The job should pay well because when the recruiter called I told him I wouldn’t even talk for less than $70/hr he didn’t immediately hang up.