Alternative of "GetAdaptersInfo" and "Chkdsk&


We are porting our application from Windows to QNX. In windows, the system was using the functionalities like “GetAdaptersInfo” and “Chkdsk”.

Please suggest the alternative of “GetAdaptersInfo” and “Chkdsk” in QNX.

Thanks in Advance.


I don’t know what GetAdaptersInfo does, but you might try the “pci” command. For the QNX 4 file system chkfsys will stand in for chkdks. I don’t know about the new file system.

Thanks for the responce.
In Win32, GetAdaptersInfo is function which can retrieve information for IPv4 addresses. So, I need the equivalent for this functionality in QNX.

Some less than optimal info.
Look at the file /etc/net.cfg
Consider the output from ifconfig

I would scan the docs because there is probably an interface that will give you the information in a more direct manner.

I need the information of Network card through Function Call. So, Please suggest the function to do the same activity.


What network card information are you looking for? IP address? Statistics on number of packets sent/received etc?

There is also a ‘nicinfo’ command under QNX 6 (since you are posting in a QNX 6 forum I’ll assume you have QNX 6 and not QNX 4).

The source for for these commands is available on foundry27 so you can download and see exactly how this information is retrieved. Or you could parse the output of running these commands.