Installing on iMac

Hi all,
has anyone here ever tried installing qnx on an iMac g3 powerpc or similar?
I can’t get the system to boot from the QNX install CD.
I can open the CD from macOSX9, and see the files in it. But there are no executable files.
I have tried version 6.2.1, do I need another version?
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

This is not supported, you can develop application for PowerPC (not mac per se ) but you can’t install on it. Apparently this was once done internaly at QSSL but since Mac isn’t an open architecture I beleive driver became an issue. Plus there is probably not business case for it anyway ;-)

Are you using the free version or the commercial version? The free version is x86 only so you are out of luck. The commercial version is multi platform, and supports PPC. Now, as for iMac, have you read the comment from Dan Dodge (CEO of QNX Software Systems)? search google for “dan dodge imac” ;)

Yeah, I just realized that…
I will try the 30 day trial version I guess.
Can anyone tell me the price of the commercial qnx ? I can’t seem to find it on

click the FAQ on the left, for the price info.

$4K for Standard, $8K for Pro.

8k?? Woohoo!!
Reinstalling mac os eheheheh.
Thanks everyone for your replies.
By the way, has anyone ever tried Debian for mac?

Excuse my ignorance but isn’t latest MAC os based on Unix? What would be the point then of installing something like Debian?

I dont think I can install Mac OSx on this imac.
And some applications I need to run are linux binaries, not open source.
It would be hard to get them to run on Mac OSx