How to get a processor Info

Hi Friends,
I need a fucntion in QNX which gives the processor info on which QNX is running.

Thanx in advance

Check the source to pidin it’s there.

Thanks mario for your valueble input, actually I need the information of Microprocessor.

Don`t understand what you mean by microprocessor?

Microprocessor Information means, what is the ProcessorArchitecture like(ARCHITECTURE_AMD64, ARCHITECTURE_INTEL, ARCHITECTURE_IA64), and what is the ProcessorType like(PROCESSOR_INTEL_486, PROCESSOR_INTEL_PENTIUM, PROCESSOR_INTEL_IA64), and what is the ProcessorLevel. I need the above information about Microprocessor.

What do you think about MIPS or ARM processors? ;-}

I just realized I confused microprocessor with microcontroller.

Hi mario, Is there any function call which gives the such information about the microprocessor.