command line emailing from QNX 6.3.2

I would like to send a quick status email from my qnx box. I looked into “sendmail”, “mail”, “mutt” and couldn’t get it to work. I don’t want to setup a full email server sending/receiving. I just want to send mail out similar to “sendemail” in linux.

Check out … x-12.4.tgz

I think it invokes whatever you’ve got set
up as ‘sendmail’ under the covers.


can you give more detail installation instruction? Do I just uncompress this file and put them in the right location or is there a pkgsrc installation util?
I installed “sendmail” using “qnxinstall” but don’t know how to configure it so that it uses some outgoing mail server. I would like to use gmail SMTP server.
Can you give detail instruction on how to setup sendmail with gmail or any other mail server?
thank you

Check out the pkgsrc project:

in particular the binary packages page: … ryPackages

You might also need the sendmail and mailwrapper packages.


okay thank, I got everything downloaded and installed now, but there is very little documentation on setting up the sendmail. I need to make a configuration file for the sendmail from /usr/pkg/share/sendmail/cf but I dont’ see any file, so I just used the linux version and ran “make install-cf” which has generated and in the /etc/mail/ but what’s next? I would like to setup the configuration file so that I can configure it work with SMTP gmail server. Any help in setting up the sendmail would be much appreciated.

sendmail is a beast. You will need to check the sendmail documentation, there are plenty of “Getting started” document on the web.

I can see that it is a beast, that’s why I was wondering if anyone had succesfully configured “sendmail” in QNX 6.3.2? and if so, any tips or advice before I jump on this monster ;)

If you just want to send mail write a utility yourself. That’s what we did when our system had to email alarm notices.
It’s really simple. Just read the appropriate RFC’s.
It didn’t take long at all, and sorry, I can’t share the code, it’s part of a proprietary product.

i am not an expert in this area at all and don’t have any clue as to where to begin even if I wanted to write my own utility. Care to share not the source code but a generic approach?
what is RFC’s? (remote function calls)

SMTP(RFC821) is a fairly simple protocol. Just a tcp connection to your smtp server, and send/receive ascii strings.

Ok here’s some code.
Note 1. This is for QNX4
Note 2. It’s had stuff ripped out that identified the company and the product so it
probably won’t compile.

But you can see what it does. Like I said it’s really simple.

thank you ianc for the sample code. I have done some little studying and is becoming some what familiar with the whole emailing system. But after reading your code I see that this is communicating with an open SMTP server since there is no authentication. If I want to use a as my outgoing server, it is more involved since I need to make SSL or TLS connection with 64bit encoding for auth… etc.
I know I want to make this as simple as possible so I guess my first question is, which open SMTP server can I use these days? and what is the simplist authentication method that I can use (that does not require encryption and secure line) so that I can use port 25 and telnet if I were to make my own SMTP mail server?

Thanks again for your input.