How to use a tarx file

:laughing: Hi all i have got a small query. I have got a tarx file which is my board specific. How to install or untar this file. I have read that we have to use phinstaller. But i have no idea about what is phinstaller. Someone out there kindly help me to use such files. I hope many out there will know abt this. I also tried using the pax command but it gave the following output:-

pax -rf e001.tarx

pax: e001.tarx : This doesn’t look like a tar archive
pax: e001.tarx : Skipping to next file…
pax: Ready for volume 2
pax: Type “go” when ready to proceed (or “quit” to abort):
pax: Ready for volume 2
pax: Type “go” when ready to proceed (or “quit” to abort): go
pax: [offset 402k+899]: Continuing
pax: Ready for volume 3
pax: Type “go” when ready to proceed (or “quit” to abort):

Why is this happening? Is pax command not to be used for tarx files??


I may be way out here but, should you not start the GUI Photon, go into the installer (phinstaller) and then point to this archive. Then it will show you what it contains and you can install things easier and over graphic UI.

Maybe a thing to try, but it was a while since I did this. :slight_smile:


Hi Buder,

Can u explain a bit more abt how to "go into the installer ". I have read that phinstall is in the bin directory, but i couldn’t find such a file in my bin directory. Is it because i didn’t load the GNU tar packages while installing QNX. I am using QNX 6.4.0.


I am a bit confused. Is it not correct that you do have the CD for QNX? And if you do have the latest QNX 6.4.0 CD did you not install to your “host” (target system) the QNX 6.4 system? In that case did you install it normally? If you did you should have a GUI for QNX. The GUI provides lots of useful applikacations, and if you have ever upgraded something, you should know about the phinstaller.

phinstaller can only be run in the GUI and as far as I know it must be on the CD at least. So what you can do is to start the phinstaller from the CD in QNX GUI and you should be good to go. After that you should point to the package that you have and then you should be able to install your software.

How does your target system look like? Is it a scaled down target without GUI or is it a full normal QNX 6.4 install?

All this only applies ofcourse if tarx is still used in QNX 6.4 as well as the phinstaller.

It should be easy to find phinstaller in the CD. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need more detailed instructions.

Hi Buder,

I do have a QNX CD and i have installed it correctly. After installation i got a GUI also. My QNX 6.4.0 is not a scaled down version also. After installation only the basic applications are present in the OS. The problem is that i have never updated or added additional packages to QNX. Since it didn’t had an option “Add/Remove Packages” like the one found in any Linux distro, i thot we can’t do such stuff in it :smiley:. Now i got a file in tarx format and i don’t know how to open it. I checked my whole BOOT CD and found no such file or exe file. From this can i conclude that phinstaller is missing from it. If so isn’t there any way to open such files?


If it is “missing” it probably means they have changed the way they update software, and in that case. my next question is: The tarx you have , to what OS version is it suppose to be used? IT is kind of strange of QSSL to supply you with a tarx file for 6.4 when it can´t be installed with the normal photon installer, not even present on the CD.

Can you tell me what is this tarx file and what it contains?
To what OS version is it suppose to be used?
Where can I get the tarx so that I can test it?

If you have purchased QNX (And I guess you must have) ask your support contact on QNX how to install this pakage. It should be the easiest way to make this work.

Are you familiar with QNX since before or are you a beginner?



The files were BSP for our board got from board vendor. The source package is of version 6.4.1, as per the information from the vendor. Since the Chinese holidays are on, we are unable to get more information from them. We have also contacted the same to QNX support also. What they said is that “Please ask them too, how they created that archive as I am not aware of any recent tools that are able to handle that format at all.”

So we are waiting for more updates from our board vendor since we think that they have given us some wrong tarx files. Well i can’t say i am expert in QNX and can’t say i am beginner in it. Somewhere in between these is what is my knowledge in QNX. Once we get more updates from our board vendor I will soon ask more questions reagrding this.

One more doubt can we open the BSP from QNX momentics IDE??

That I do not know, BSP from the IDE.

Yes it may be that tarx is not supported, but that sounds strange since they gave it to you. Hope you get their help about that soon. ;)

I will be monitoring this thread to see how things work out for you.