Delete threads in an Adaptive partition

Hi all,

Is it possible to kill all threads running in a partition??

I initially thought of killing a partition and thereby killing all processes/threads in it…However I learn that one can only set zero budget to partition so that it has least priority over the other threads in all all other partitions and doesnt take CPU.

I want to kill a partition(say ‘A’)(all threads in that partition) when any thread running in such a partition behaves in a particular way…

What is the best way to realise this?
And oh by the way there is a hitch. This partition ‘A’ has a lot of client threads and there is a server thread in another partition ‘B’ which actually detects this partitcular behaviour of the clients and has to kill all clients in partition ‘A’.

Thanks a lot

Does anyone have an idea?

What might be difficult is to generically kill all the threads in a partition. You would need a way to figure out what processes are running in the partition and then kill them all.

But that doesn’t sound like your situation. It sounds like you already know what is running and they are your processes. If so, on startup have them register their pid with a supervisor process. When you want to kill them all, send a message to the supervisor and have it do the killing.

wow that sounds just the thing. Yes, to have processes register their pid at startup would be very apt for me.