QNX bootloader booting Linux

I had a machine with Fedora Core 8, Ubuntu 8.10 and Windows XP OS running. The bootloader which was effectively working was that of Ubuntu, since i loaded in the order windows->fedora->ubuntu. On such a machine i installed the QNX :unamused: QNX bootloader came after installation but from that i wasn’t able to boot into ubuntu and fedora which was at boot partition 2(as listed by the bootloader) Windows can be booted from boot partition 1 and QNX from boot partition 3.

So my question is can’t we boot linux distros from QNX boot loader??

That would be duplicated effort. We already have GRUB2 which happily boots QNX, and GRUB2 isn’t tied to Linux in particular. So my suggestion is to use GRUB2 to boot both operating systems or chainload the QNX boot loader.