Password To Asterisk using application

Hi All,
I need to implement an application for autherization of password. For that user can enter any character and that char should be display to user as asterisk(*). What is the logic of taking data from user and convert it to *. I never worked on photon.
Thanks in Advance.

There are several ways to accomplish this. If you have an application and want a dialog box to pop-up for password entry, you can use PtPassword ( … sword.html). PtPassword takes an argument (echo) that is the text it will display when the user enters data, by default it will display ‘*’.

You can also do this using two PtText widgets, one onscreen and one off. QNX actually gives you the sample code for this in their documentation for PtText ( … ttext.html), just search down that page for “Example: entering a password”.

Thanks alot for link.