Problem with NTP server settings

I need that next configuration will work:
ntpd works on controller with qnx 4.25 like server. Daemon takes system time (no external synchronization) and share with this time in local network.
Sound simple, but now it doesn’t work.

I suppose, that problem with ntp.conf file. When I fill this file, for example:
Everything works fine (I check by running timesync on windows machine).
But when I remove this string, controller stop working.

Where I made mistake?

Hello g13,
Where did you get your ntpd deamon for QNX4? We need to implement something similar for our system.


Hello, johny.
I found ntpd of qnx’s ftp ( there are two versions of ntp:

  1. qnx-ntp.tgz (version 1)
  2. xntp3-5f.tgz (version 3)
    But I need version 4. I tried port ntp from to qnx 4.25, but I failed.
    So If somebody have actual port of 4th version ntp for qnx 4.25. Send me :slight_smile: