problem with image

hello every one… i am developing a qnx image in that image i have to include ftp and telnet but the problem i am getting here is when i am including ftp and telnet seperately the image works fine but when i am including both the applications at the same time the image is not booting at all it hangs at the initial stage only … please tell me why this is happening

I have a strong suspicion of what is going wrong, but first a short little tale.

I have an old Dell server, a Quad PIII system. I was running QNX 6.2.1 on it for some time but with a problem. The Adaptec driver was unreliable with the multi-processor kernel. So I was limited single processor.

So I was very motivated to upgrade to 6.3.0 when it came out because I was told the problem might be fixed. When I tried booting the 6.3.0 CD it did just what you described. So I instead tried copying the system over from another computer running 6.3.0. This time when I booted off the hard drive, the same things happened.

It occurred to me that there was some problem with the size of the .boot file. I created my own custom .boot file, throwing out all those extra hard disk drivers that I didn’t need or use, and then all was good.

So I suspect you are running into a limit that has to do with loading into your system. Your options might include throwing something else out of your image, or trying to find something to compress.

thank you very much … what you said is correct now i am able to boot my image…but small topics are in still pending, i hope you will help me.
following are the issues
1.can i write data into a file in qnx image using program (i.e some hardware data has to logged into that file)
2.when i am starting “inetd &” in start up the default state for inetd in image is “sigsuspend”(pidin) but for my requirement it should be sigwaitinfo(for ftp)
3.i am assigning ip address for image as follows
io-net -d rtl -p tcpip
ifconfig en0
but when i boot into image the ip address in not set.
please help me to solve above issues. thanks in advance