RAID with QNX4

Good Day! Does somebody have already to use a Hardware RAID with QNX4? And is it possible? or only in QNX 6?

Thank you

The only RAID solution that works are the one that are transparent to the OS.

We’ve been using a Jetstor III U160 here for years. It’s worked quite well.

It is connected to the computer as a stand alone external hard drive (as the OS sees it) and gives hosts a very configurable RAID unit with 8 drives.

Too bad we can’t get spare hot-swappable power supplies for it. :frowning:

Thank you! Where I can read more about creation RAID in QNX4?

There is no more. As Mario said, you need a RAID that is transparent to the OS. The most common form is an external box which looks like a SCSI drive, but really is a RAID controller. The controller’s often are programmed via serial link. The drives attached are usually SCSI but could be IDE or SATA.

I used to see EIDE RAID boards. The interface was standard EIDE which meant it worked with QNX. The downside is that configuration was either via a custom (Windows) program, or via BIOS. And of course they were never hot swappable.

Finally, there are Network accessable boxes that provide RAID, but of course you can’t boot off of one of these.

A long time ago I ported a SCSI RAID card to QNX 4. It was rather obscure, and I don’t remember the name of the card.

You will also find a huge selection of SCSI RAID cards that are not supported by QNX.