QNX 6.2.1 in Virtualbox

I installed QNX 6.2.1 in Virtualbox 3.0.12, and I’m trying to make an internet connection, but I’m not able to do this.
Can anybody please help me? Which settings do I have to choose under Virtualbox (and QNX of course)?
Usually, I choose a net interface connected via NAT, and it works under linux, windows, opensolaris and other guest OSes.

Thanks a lot in advance


NAT is how the virtual card is connected to the host network. What you need is a virtual card that QNX supports. What options does your “Virtualbox” provide?

Hello, thanks for the answer, the options are:
AMD PCnet PCI II (Am79C970A), AMD PCnet-Fast III (Am79C973), Intel Pro/1000 MT Desktop (82540EM), Intel Pro/1000 MT Server (82545EM), and Intel Pro/1000 T Server (82543GC)

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The Intel Pro/1000 MT Desktop (82540EM) is supported by QNX. So this is the one you want to use.

Then start the network driver as:

io-net -ptcpip -di82544 &

Then the network manager


Assuming you’ve set up a net.cfg in the /etc directory with all the relevant information on dhcp, ip address, netmask etc you should be good to go. You can do this manually or from Photon there is a GUI interface.


Hi, thanks for the answer!
I opened a terminal and I wrote

io-net -ptcpip -di82544 &

but I had in response:

[1] 524313

unable to load dll devn-i82544: Library cannot be found

What can I do?

Thanks again



That would tend to indicate the driver isn’t there.

I went here to get the list of supported hardware and selected 6.2.1 and Wired Networking cards and it showed that intel driver.


So I assumed it was part of the 6.2.1 release. But maybe that particular driver was part of some later service pack release for 6.2.1.

On the other hand, the AMD cards are also listed as supported. I didn’t use those because because I have no experience with them. But you might try instead the Am79C973 card and replace the i82544 with pcnet.


Hi Tim,
thanks for the answers, this time I wrote in the terminal:

io-net -ptcpip -dpcnet &

and the response was:

unable to init dll devn-pcnet: Function not implemented

At least it’s different than before… Any ideas?

Thanks again, Davide


Then I’d say you are out of luck with 6.2.1. That’s a very old version of QNX (2004 time frame).

My guess is the drivers you need were developed for 6.3 or later and are compatible with 6.2.1 but aren’t part of the original 6.2.1 install.

So you have 2 choices:

  1. Obtain and install a later version of QNX
  2. Obtain a copy of those drivers (foundry27 is where QNX places source code / binaries to a lot of drivers) and put them on your system manually (via USB drive/CD since you obviously don’t have a network connection)


Hi Tim,
I think the drivers are there, because in the /lib/dll/ folder there is a file called devn-pcnet.so
I just can’t understand why it gives me these errors…


I am of course assuming:

  1. You are running these commands as a root user
  2. When you switched to the pcnet driver you changed the virtualbox to provide an AMD ethernet card and not an intel one.

Assuming those things are true you can turn on debugging to io-net and the pcnet driver with

io-net -v -ptcpip -dpcnet verbose=4 &

Then run ‘sloginfo’ to view the debug logs. Hopefully something useful will be captured in the logs.


yes, the QNX 6.2.1 NC I found here needs “root” as login and no password;
attached here you can find a screenshot of the results of sloginfo


The PCI attach failure message indicates that the driver can’t find the NIC card that VirtualBox is attempting to provide.

What kind of options can you set in VirtualBox with that NIC card? It’s going to have to simulate it as a PCI device. You may need to get help from a VirtualBox forum for doing that.


Found this post via Google. I had the exact same problem, bizarrely enough; my problem was that no PCI server was running for whatever reason. The following works for me, running QNX 6.2 under VirtualBox 3.2, with a “PCnet-PCI II” emulated network adapter:


slay io-net

io-net -dpcnet -ptcpip


It sure is nice to browse the web with Voyager again!

I have a similar problem. I downloaded the trial vmware image of QNX.
Logged in as root, no password.
First of all, no web browser comes up when i hit the ‘web browser’ btn under internet on the right.
Typing "io-net -dpcnet -ptcpip " in terminal gives:
“no such file or directory”

Getting a log shows pci is attached but then some errors (see pic)

Help a noob?

In 641 there is no io-net anymore it’s called io-pkt ( there are multiple flavor of it ).

Don’t know why you aren’t getting a brower though

Hi I have been experiencing the same problems,

I am able to use the suggested solution, but have to add the directories first:


/bin/slay io-net

/sbin/io-net -dpcnet -ptcpip


This then allows me to access the internet through the virtual machine.
I next tried adding the commands to rc.local to run at boot up but they do not seem to execute.

If the run rc.dat manually with a couple of echo commands (before and after) they print the screen perfectly, but the above commands are not run.

would be nice not to have to copy and paste them into terminal each time i start up - anyone got any ideas?

Well the obvious question is, why do they not seem to execute? That’s not something anyone out here can figure out, but you might be able to. Are there any messages on the screen indicating that the commands are being executed? Do they indicate that something is going wrong?