older pre-6.x qnx screenshots

I am a gui buff and thus collect OSs.I have been looking for screenshots of the older qnx OSs but can’t find any on the net!!I have found two very tiny blurry shots that get excited about the better looking Xwindows like environment of qnx 2 and 4.Can anyone direct me to a working link of such screenshots?

here is the screenshot of tvision in qnx :slight_smile:

I suspect what you are looking for is screen shots of QNX Windows, which was available for QNX2 and QNX4. Maybe Mario has something he can show you - he still works with some of that stuff I think.

Yep, just tell me what you need! QNX4 version only though ;-|

same offer as mario. qnx4 only, mind.
text editor, calculator, file manager etc …
might take some time, i have a small bandwidth at home and would have to mail the stuff from the office, which i seldom visit :wink:
regards helge

Thanks.It seems I found some from the old 1.44mb floppy demo?That is what qnx 4 looks like?I did see one very tiny fuzzy pic once with a cpu meter,file man and other widgets I could not make out,maybe the qnx 4 desktop?It was for 4 not 6x I know that much and thus got me interested in qnx 4.if you could,a few pics of the desktop,file man and some custom app made for it running would be nice.Thanks.Did qnx 4 or 2 allow wallpapers or background images?the floppy does not. :question:

Here is a screen shot of QWindows under QNX4. That’s different then the QNX 4 demo disk which is based on Photon.

wow!looks like OpenWin(openLook) windows Xwindows WM running in a plain qnx4(tru commercial one)background!I thought it was like qnx 2 or qnx amigaOS(qnx 2 is like the old photon windows in the demo disk).I have two copies of qnx4 it seems…from when they offered it free for non commercial use back in 2000 and 2001.It looks just like qnx rtos 6.x though.The shots you guys gave me are the ones I do seek indeed!Can I revert my momentics to that old style widget set??Plain and simple is cooler looking to me and smaller foot print for my cheap computer and 64mb flash card.Nostalgia plays a role here as you can tell.

No you can’t get Photon to look like QWindows (well you could but it’s lOTS of work)

Yes QWindows is based on OpenLook.

QNX4 was never offer as non commercial. You probably have the version mixed up

Photon was invented after QNX2, so it can’t look like QNX2 ;-)

You can find snapshots of Photon 1.14 (for QNX 4.25) in the docs on our website:

qnx.com/developers/docs/qnx_ … index.html