installing QNX

i am trying to install qnx on my laptop without a cd drive. i created the book disk but it gives me the error

/dev/pci/ did not mount

what gives? can i get around this? thanks all, your tips are most appreciated. if this works well i hope to completely switch from 98 to qnx (at least on my laptop)

what do i need as far as system requirements? will a p133 w/ 32 megs of ram work? it runs great on my III450 machine w/ 64 megs

What version of QNX?
When the prompt “Press spacebar…” appears at boot time, press the spacebar, then F11, then F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, then enter twice. This turns off all the enumerators, does the machine boot and come up with a prompt?

As well as disabling the enumerators, you can also press F6 (verbose) 3 times to get more output on the screen. Maybe you can get some more information as to why the pci server is exiting.

My guess is you have a flaky PCI hardware, too old / non QNX supported one :frowning:

I would also like to know about the system requirements. I have plenty of old buckets, nothing new.

Is it worth the try to fiddle with a 486?


unofficially - i am just how do you call it - “fiddling” a lot :

i found out that the main problem is not the processor or the speed (of course, this depends upon what application you are running), but the memory. 64 MB is the minimum for my purposes - router, file server, print server etc. small things you know - even on some 486 devices i own, but without photon, mind you !

i never got photon running on a 486er working with less memory than mentioned above. it simply hanged up after a minute or so from boot.