resource manager with dual path

I want to write resource manager with dual path for DAQ card. First path should serve digital i/o, second path analog i/o.
I guess I should write my own io_write/read function which take care about this but analog i/o and digital i/o are different in handling.
Should I write universal io_write/read which would serve to analog and digital i/o? If yes, how can I inform io_write/read which path was being processed?
Regards Adam

This is straight forward but requires you to become familiar with the resource manager structure.

Your resource manager should create two device names. When a device is open you identify which type of device it is and store that in the OCB, possibly in the “extended OCB”. The read and write calls will have to check which kind of device it is when called.

Thank you for your reply. I expanded the io_attr structure.

Regards Adam