QNX Version ?.?

Not sure if anyone can answer this quetion but here goes. Years ago Barber Coleman had software called Network 8000 Host 7.0 to run the GCM’s and other controllers. I heard they used an old QNX operating system to run the Network 8000 software. I’m not sure what version QNX it was but it was on a 5 1/2 inch floopy so that’s tells you how old and small it was. If anyone has a clue of what I’m talking about or can find out I need to see if I can find that version software, don’t laugh to loud about this request but maybe someone will know something. Thanks in advance.

QNX 2/3 for sure.

I still have a couple running versions of QNX 2. I developed on a dual 5.25 inch system for a while. Why is it you need a copy?

I have some old Barber Coleman GCMA-114 that I’m trying to setup and need the software for my setup. That would be great if I could get a copy.

Please send me an email at maschoen@pobox.com.