blinking widgets in GUI

Hi every one,
i am developing GUI screen in qnx by using c graphics. Actually my requirement is to print the data in text boxes for every 50ms, for this i have created a multi text box and using sprintf command i am printing the data in that text box, my problem is to refresh the data for every 50ms i am rerealizing the widget which will kill and reinvoke the textbox widget due to this we will have flickering(blinking) of the widgets in the GUI screen.

can any one please tell me is there any other way which will update the only data in the same widget without rerealizing that widget

Why are you rerealizing the widget every scan? It should be enough setting the text resource. Even more, you sould only set text argument only if the data changes…

thank you for your quick reply, i am new to GUI programming can you please explain me how can we set text argument if the data changes,
thanks in advance

PtSetResource() or PtSetResources().

something easy like…

if (prev_value != this_value)