Per Unit Royalties

According to: … cat-1.html

you pay a price for SE or PE (which I think is cheap). But are there still any per unit fees? Are the prices in the range of the following (outdated) site? … me=Printer

If yes, the prices are so far away from what the company, I work for, would pay per unit, that, I guess, the sales office from QNX would laugh at me.


Yes there are run time licenses with QNX. As you might expect the prices per license is based on volume.

The site you show there looks out of date to me. Or at least quite confusing in that they seem to indicate you pay for every little thing which is no longer true.

What kind of run time license cost would be acceptable for your company and what kind of volume would you be doing? Typical run time licenses are in the $100 range (about the cost of a Windows license).


At most $15 (even then I have to bring very good arguments). Volume: ca. 1000 per year. For non embedded systems $100 is inexpensive, the cost of the hardware may cost more than 100 times than that. In contrast the production price for our device should be less than $500 and adding $100 is just too much.
Just as comparison: This device is sold at least for 10 years. That means $1’000’000 only license fees. In contrast when we buy uC/OS which has a one time fee of ca. $10’000. I’m well aware that QNX offers ten times more than uC/OS (and the architecture is superior IMHO).

Logitech uses QNX in their one of their fancy remote ( … vices/4708) I doubt the runtime license is 100$ ;-)

Talk to sales, this forum is the last place where you’ll get details about pricing.