netmap across routers

I ahve to QNX systems that are ion 2 different networks, and each one is behind its own cisco router. each machine can ping the other one.

I have set up the netmap files on each system with the MAC addrsses of both machines, but when I do an alive they do not see each other.

Can this configuration be done with the 2 systems on their own network behind a cisco router. If it can how would you do it?

They are on different networks so they don’t see each other’s Mac addresses. It is conceivable that the right router with the right parameters might make the two networks look like one.

do you know how the routers would have to be configured to do this?

I don’t even know if any router can do this. I just said it was conceivable. It would no doubt depend on the routers and their features.

router by definition only handle IP based packet. QNX networking is not IP based, no way router can deal with this. Unless it’s a very fancy router that can handle ethernet packets, very very unlikely.

There is a software that will take all QNX data and embedded it into a IP stream, that can then be routed. Never use it myself. Don’t remember the name , must be somewhere on QNX’s ftp site.

It’s called infleet.

It’s unreliable, sometimes it works really well, then for no apparent reason (intermediate IP path changed somewhere???) it goes as slow as watching a kettle boil. Network latency really kills it. We tried for years to get it to be reliable and basically gave up.

Good luck!