Install QNX 4 on Intel Q45

Good day! I’m trying install QNX 4.25 on Fasrwel SYS1-3 industrial PC based on Fujitsu Siemens D2836S1 motherboard with Intel Q45 chipset. I used QNX Product Suite 2009 installation CD and old installation diskettes. Two types of installation aborted. In this industrial PC used Seagate ST3500320NS HDDs. I used Fsys.eide and Fsys.atapi drivers to initialize this HDD. On this PC it’s aborted witg SIGSEGV :frowning: I try change SATA tools in BIOS to “IDE” and “Compatible”, cause other “RAID” and “AHCI”, but nothing new in progress :frowning: Then I connect this HDD to other motherboard and installation from diskettes is complete. Then I restart PC with this other motherboard QNX startup stop at Fsys.eide. This HDDs are 500GB, but fdisk determine only 120GBs. After that I connect HDD to native Fujitsu motherboard based on Intel Q45 chipset QNX startup aborted with error SIGSEGV for Fsys.eide. Any hints with installation QNX4 to Intel Q45 chipset? Cause disktrap also aborted with error SIGSEGV from bootable QNX diskette

The Q45 chipset uses the Intel® I/O Controller Hub 10 (ICH10), and 82801JD disk controller.
QNX4 support officially stops at ICH6 and 82801F disk controller.

See for example:

I recently installed QNX4 onto a Kontron PCI-960 SBC which uses ICH7 /82801GB, although the Realtek ethernet driver Net.rtl8169 for the onboard ethernet ports was fail. (Driver would install, and I could ping another computer, but the in-memory log showed constant repeated errors, and running “netinfo -L1” failed to display a normal set of interface stats.)

For the QNX4 install it was necessary to revert to 2008 or earlier Product Suite (2009 would not install past the auto-hardware-discovery step, claiming there was no CD in the drive), then perform upgrades – in particular, upgrade Fsys.atapi from the 2009 release, or latest upgrade patch.

Further, as per the technical note:

The basic install was onto an EIDE drive which went well (/dev/hd0, with single partition /dev/hd0t77); 2x 250GB SATA drives showed up as /dev/hd1 and /dev/hd2.

Running fdisk on the SATA drives, it was easy to create a QNX4 Boot partition (t77) and extended partition (t78), but for some reason, these never showed up in /dev as something like /dev/hd1t77 so it was impossible to dinit and mount the partitions, so install onto SATA drive process failed.

I 've made it! :slight_smile: I try on another Intel Q45 starting Fsys.atapi driver with some options and all good :slight_smile: Disk is determined, and made installation qnx4 how it’s wrote in walktrough I need start Net.* driver. With standart “nettrap -vv start” it isn’t work :frowning: